A Writing Piece About Diy Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Diy Hydroponic System

When engaging in conversation about Hydroponics, nobody can miss talking about the DIY deep water culture hydroponic system. As true Hydroponics in its best possible sense, Deep Water Culture has been rated as the most comfortable yet most effective sort of Hydroponic system. Although the concept is not challenging, there are several ways to utilize and set up the deep water culture by using different varieties of materials.

Let us sail into a bit more details:

The Nuts and Bolts of The Deep Water Culture System

As the name denotes, DWC – Deep Water culture or Direct Water Culture is a hydroponic setup for the sustenance of plant roots in the best possible-oxygenated solution that is packed with nutrients and water around the clock.

This setup of hydroponic is very different from techniques such s Ebb and Flow, Aeroponics, and Drip Systems.

Because in these systems, except hydroponic, plants receive water on a regular basis. The wording “deep” means that the roots should and must be submerged in the water deeply. The reservoir, keeping the plants, must have a good quantity of water. The more water there should be, the better the stability in the nutrient solution would be. This sort of set up does not demand more maintenance and monitoring.

In the case of other systems, plant roots are left hung, receive exposure to the air, and are watered quite frequently in the set-up of the deep water culture. Because the plants in the hydroponic system are sunk deep in the water, this provides oxygenation activity around the clock.

How Does A DWC Function?

Some of you may be scared that the chances of your plants in other set-ups will get suffocated by excessive watering. It may have been observed in some of the plants that they become dead because of over-watering. However, this problem doesn’t occur in any hydroponic setup. Besides proper water management, if you provide sufficient oxygen and appropriate environments such as temperature, nutrients, and sunlight, your plant will be alive and flourish.

What you require a hydroponic system that is full of water is giving proper oxygen to your plants. The set-up of the DWC contends with the oxygen issues by connecting an air pump, or falling water so that the air pump can create air bubbles rising from the solution of nutrients and the dissolved water in the area of your reservoir.

Deep Water Culture

In the system of DWC, plants consume the required level of oxygen while they are also capable of absorbing the nutrients and water around them around the clock. It paves the way to get faster growth, and in numerous cases, better than grown in the soil.

As the roots of the plants are hung in the water around the clock. It is indispensable that you must hold the air pump and air stone should and must run 24 hours a day too. A deficiency of these essential equipment indicates that the root of the plant will get affected by being waterlogged, leading to a shortage of oxygen to the plant. As a result of this fiasco, the death of the plant will become a reality.

Let us explain these technicalities in a bit more detail. An air stone that is connected to the air pump through the airline should be installed in the reservoir area. Post that, the required amount of nutrients and water should be added to this system. The plants will be installed in the net pot’s pocket just above the place of the nutrient solution in the reservoir.

This net pot that is there in the reservoir is made from recycled and rigid plastic mesh. The material of the mesh gives your plant to establish a strong and robust root system.

However, with the help of the net pot, you can have roots stretching out from all different areas of your net pot.

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