Opinions about Pakistan


Everyone has his own opinions about every country, but today we are discussing the opinions of People from worldwide about Pakistan.
Pakistani peoples are Good-hearted.
Thinking of Pakistani people are working hard not smart working.
Tough and ready to face any shit.
Emotional to a degree of fault.
Stubborn to a degree of annoyance.
Pakistani people are believers in the faith, but a bit wavering.
Pakistani people love shortcuts in life. Impatient.
They don’t strive for excellence.
Pakistani people are Very hospitable. Great food.
All Pakistanis are not very educated but street smart.
Pakistanis don’t fear the law much. Ready to break the law for the smallest of benefits.
They are Family oriented.
Enterprising and business-oriented.
Adaptable to difficult situations and adjusting.
Have mediocre goals and expectations in life.
Helpful, overall nice people to know.
Complain and curse but don’t take charge of the situation, victim mentality.
Unorganized skill is deficient.
Unofficial guardians and custodians of the Muslim Ummah.
Pakistan is a beautiful country with some ugly politicians.
Pakistanis are not Arabs or Turks. North India has everything in common with Pakistan.
Pakistan is a heavy meat eater nation.
Pakistanis speak with a heavy accent. They speak Urdu with a Punjabi accent.
Islam is everything for Pakistanis.
Pakistanis love Bollywood. There is no marriage ceremony without a Bollywood dance in Pakistan. Especially in Punjab.
Pakistan has many handsome men and beautiful women.
Pakistan has great Music talents.
A lot of people think Pakistan is a fascinating place that everyone would love to visit for the culture, the geography, the food, and the sites of the ancient civilizations.
Pakistan is a country with beautiful naturally gifted places.
Pakistan has the world’s deepest seaport.
Pakistan has the world’s highest paved international road.
Pakistan has a history of old civilization.
Pakistan has the world’s 3rd sexiest men.
Pakistan is one of 8 Nuclear-Armed Nations.
Pakistan has the world’s best special elite force SSG (Business Insider).
Pakistan has the strongest intelligence agency (ISI).
Pakistan is a land of many beautiful places.
Many smart peoples.
Potential to be an extremely powerful country if corruption is handled.
Of all of the countries in the world we think Pakistan is one of the most fascinating.
Pakistan is a land of beautiful people (handsome boys and cute girls).
The second most beautiful language in the world- is Urdu as the official language of Pakistan.
A growing economy with the potential to accelerate its growth rate faster than its other neighbors (because of geographical location, right size and population, and abundance of natural resources).
Pakistanis, both males and females are renowned for their physical attractiveness and are thus often in high demand among singles.
Pakistani cuisine is in particular appreciated because it can fit into the diet of different people: Vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians, allergenic, etc. will all be able to find dishes that match their respective diets.
Naturally, like all countries, Pakistan has its problems. But, like in most countries, the problems are situated in the government and regime, not in the wonderful people.
Pakistan faces enormous challenges, ranging from an unbalanced economy.
Pakistan has good potential for development.
They recently did a massive tree plantation and pledged 10 Billion for tree plantation which is massive and appreciated in world media.
Pakistan produces gymnasium-related products and worldwide it is used, as a few more products also.

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